About Me

Awesome kettle-corn eating action photo!

My name is Phonesavanh Keosila, and I’m a guy who wants to share his passions in life.  The things I love represent and define who I am.  These are some of the things that I love:

I love sports. I love orcs. I love video games. I love animals. I love shitty reality sitcoms. I love simplicity. I love trees. I love walking. I love you. I love breakfast cereal. I love giving fantasy football advice. I love life. I love inspiring people. I love music. I love jokes. I love technology. I love new shoes. I love grapes. I love that you found this blog. And while you’re here, won’t you climb a mountain like Captain Kirk and possibly fall in love, too?


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I think this video may have just made my day! I actually am a Captain Kirk / Shatner fan and one of the reasons I’m a fan is because… after years of studying the guy, I honestly can’t tell if he’s an intelligent person or not.

    Have you seen the movie he did in the early eighties with the tarantulas? Day of the Spider or something was the title. It’s pretty entertaining.

    • P. Keosila says:

      I haven’t seen the movie you are talking about, but I will definitely look into it! In regards to Shatner, I don’t know if he is intelligent or not, but genius or true brilliance can’t be measured, and in my opinion Shatner is a genius.

  2. I believe Star Trek did a segment on this, when Captain Kirk and members of the Enterprise crew traveled back to the old west.

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