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Gronkowski’s fire (you don’t mess with the zoltan)

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Think Tebow-mania has finally died down now that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots put out Tim Tebow’s fire?

It seems John Parr agrees and has taken the opportunity to capitalize once again, but this time with more Zoltan!

Bonus: “Tim Tebow’s Fire” Isn’t John Parr’s First Hit Sequal

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Hulk smash

Watch this hilarious video of the Hulkster “motivating” Tim Tebow, the newly anointed starter for the Denver Broncos.  Is it just me, or is there a new WWE soap opera plot in the making?  I for one would love to see Hulk Hogan doing an atomic-leg-drop-of-doom on a hapless Tebow during a Wrestlemania match, only to have Tebow gain invincibility and mount a furious comeback (Hulk Hogan style, of course) after calling upon his deity for “holy” strength.  I can see it now, wrestling match of the year?

Hulkster drops hammer on Tebow Time  [blogs.nfl.com]

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