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Suburban animal fighter

Earlier today while I was outside on my front porch enjoy a cup of morning coffee, I observed several animals fighting over food. There were squirrels furiously guarding their nuts from other squirrels, all while jumping from the many trees that line my neighborhood. Birds were also battling over scraps left on the sidewalk, jetting in and out of bushes and shrubs. I continued to watch the squirrels and birds throughout their life and death battles–due to my love of nature and furries (not those kind of furries). This natural behavior that the animals were displaying got my brain churning.

This crazy clash of suburban animals would make an awesome video game!

So here is my idea for Suburban Animal Fighter:

Do you remember the Super Nintendo era of gaming where fighters were a dime a dozen? Well, Suburban Animal Fighter would play very similarly along those lines, presenting itself as a 2-D fighter. Think Street Fighter II, or Mortal Kombat, but with suburban animals. I brainstormed a few ideas and special moves for the different combatants. (Keep in mind this is a VERY rough outline)


Ryu and Ken squirrel. See what I did here?

Have you really taken the time to observe these animals as they hunt for food? They are straight up CRA! I personally witnessed a squirrel battle royal in my front yard and it was a miracle none of the squirrels involved lost limbs.

Special Moves:

Nutdoken: Squirrel obviously throws a flaming nut projectile at other combatants.

Squirrelyuken: Like Ryu and Ken’s famous uppercut, but done by a furry squirrel–oh yeah!

The puns truly are endless.


Waiting to destroy oblivious ground critters

There would be a few different types of bird fighters–jays, crows, and pigeons are the most common suburban bird types that I can think of from the top of my head. They would have the ability of flight, but it would have to be minimized for sake of game balance.

Special Moves:

Eye peck: This would be a savage move where our feathered fighter swoops in from the air and attempts to peck out the eyeball(s) of it’s opponent.

Annoying crowing sound: Projectile type attack where bird makes annoying crowing/mocking sounds to confuse and stun their opponent, thus creating an opening for a free attack.

Domestic Household Cat:

Leaping cat hug!

When the household cat isn’t busy taking naps, or annoying their owners with their constant meowing and sharpening of their deadly claws on your expensive furniture, they are out looking for blood. These often cute, but ultimately ferocious beasts could be represented by several breeds and types–short hair, long hair, siamese etc. Fighting styles would be as varied as the breeds of cats themselves.

Special Moves:

Cat nap: A trick move where the cat appears to be cutely napping only to spring forth with claw attack–to the face!

Purr: I have no idea if my cat is happy when it’s purring or pissed, and neither will it’s opponent.

Cat hug: Comes in leaping and none leaping form (see above photo). Like your standard bear hug, but smaller–don’t assume it’s any less vicious.


I think this idea is worth at least a couple hundred bucks. I could see it being made as an iOS game or flash based game. I would personally make it myself, but I don’t know how to program for either platform. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas for different fighters, or is a programmer that wants to make this game a reality please feel free to chime in by leaving a comment!

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