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Get outta my face!

The Detroit Lions (5-1) magical run at perfection (they could have been the only team to ever go 16-0 and 0-16) has come crashing to a stop at the hands of the San Francisco 49ner’s (5-1) yesterday. In a game that can only be described as “epic,” culminating in an equally awesome conclusion–a “man-dance” between head coaches, Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz.

Both these teams have surprised me with their tenacious play and tough qualities–both taking on the fiery personalities of their head coaches.  The two teams are a helluva opponent for any team in the NFL and it’s high time to believe in not only the preseason darlings Detroit Lions, but also, last year’s trendy Super Bowl sleeper San Francisco 49ner’s.

I’m personally rooting for the Brobowl, Jim Harbaugh vs. John Harbaugh XLVI.  Believe.

Fantasy Notes:

  • Frank Gore: 146 total yards and a score. It looks like his earlier injury woes are behind him. Frank the “tank” was a big reason the 49ners kept the game close and ultimately wound up with the win.  He’s a surefire RB1 going forward, just make sure you have Kendall Hunter as a handcuff or other decent backup options, as he’s still an injury risk.

Niners knock off Lions from ranks of unbeaten [nfl.com]

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