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Magic the gathering, or how I became friends with the best group of dudes ever!

Part 1: Magic

Magic: The Gathering is a trading card game. That’s right, a trading card game. You can make fun of me all you want, and call me a nerd or geek–I won’t be offended as being called one is now apparently a badge of honor–but just hear me out; Magic is the sole reason I became friends with the greatest group of dudes EVER!

I know most adults my age–I’m 29 years young–have never played this wonderful game, or have even heard of it at all! Let me explain a few things about Magic the Gathering before delving further into what really makes this game truly “magic”.

A typical game of magic involves two players each with their own card decks–in sanctioned tournament play decks are either 40 card minimum for draft formats and 60 card minimum for standard and traditional formats. Games play out in a simulated “duel” where the two players involved take on the role of “planes walkers,” or wizards and use cards, which represent spells, creatures, and magical artifacts to defeat their opponents. The strategy lies in deck construction, and knowing how to use the various cards and abilities to out think your opponents. Out of all the games I’ve ever played, and I’ve played a ton of games (remember I’m a nerd) Magic has had the most strategy and depth I’ve ever experienced. This alone should be a major draw for those individuals that enjoy complex games and systems with infinite possibilities–Magic is always changing, the company that produces the game, Wizards of the Coast are constantly putting out new products on a yearly basis that add new cards to the game, thus continually changing the landscape of the game.

I encourage people who enjoy chess, checkers or other card game fans who like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, hell, even poker fans should try out Magic–interestingly enough many former Magic champions and players have now moved on to playing poker professionally, but still play Magic for fun–I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed from lack of variety or complexity.

My favorite aspect of the game, for me comes from the collecting and trading of the cards themselves, hence defining the commonly used term for these types of games– TCG or trading card game. I love reading about the new cards that are released and their impact on the game from a strategic and financial perspective. I’m also amazed and appreciative of all the hard work many fans and deck brewers pore into their articles that are posted to various online outlets. Entire websites are devoted to this “meta” game. You’ll find many excellent websites if you just hit up google with a search for “magic the gathering.”

If any readers would like to ask any questions, or play a game sometime, please hit me up in the comments section below!

Check back soon for part 2 of my article titled: The Gathering

Links, baby!

Wizards.com Official website for Magic: The Gathering

Starcitygames.com The premier source for strategy, financial information, and not to mention a huge card store, they also run their own hyper-successful independent tournament scene.

Channelfireball.com Another great source for all things strategy and a great store to boot, they have some of the best free content to go along with some of the best pro players in the game writing for them.

Brainburst.com More articles about brewing decks and tournament results.

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