LeBron’s taking his talents to Seattle

Picture sent to LeBron James, from Pete Carroll, via Twitter

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll–former great recruiting head coach for University of Southern California–is once again casting his devious black magics. His target this time? LeBron James.

In what has been an entertaining series of tweets between James, and other notable NFL personalities, has led to the creation of his very own Seahawks jersey (pictured in the above image).

Don’t you agree, LeBron would look great catching touchdowns over the middle of the field as a TE in a hawks jersey? Even with the NBA lockout in effect, this is sadly in the realm of pure fantasy.


Football might not be in LeBron's future, but maybe becoming a chicken? I realize it's a Cav's jersey, but I made this awhile ago.

There’s a Seahawks jersey with your name on it, LeBron [nfl.com]

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